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My son is perfect!

colourbox_preview_568450.jpg😀 He’s the most perfect little boy ever born (of course except for Jesus)… he’s kind, caring, good-looking, cheerfull, happy, intelligent, socially well adjusted, and very well tempered. He can also be sad, angry, determined to get his will, and testing our limits. But that’s normal. And he’s above average easy to live together with and to parent!

This weekend my husband has been stuck in bed with the flu, and our son has brought him two teddybears to comfort him. And some of his own t-shirts, which our boy cuddles with when sleeping. All of his own initiative. He’s also kept him company, talking and playing in the bed. As a result, the boy is now struck with fever and has to be at home today.



colourbox_preview_853817.jpgToday I managed to collect some hair to make a small ponytail! 🙂 Of course a lot of the other hair had to be fastened using clips… but still, a ponytail!!

Simple life

These pictures are from a 1840 suburban cottage in Oslo. It’s reconstructed at a folk museum. These pictures fascinate me. I wonder how I would’ve liked to live in the 19th century, in a room like this. If I remember correctly, 12 people lived in these three rooms. This is a true form of minimalism. Was people happier with less earthly belongings? Or were they simply to exhausted to think about happiness? Maybe the women dreamed about bigger rooms, personal space, more clothes and shoes, less hard work…? I don’t know. Maybe I romanticise the really simple life, ignoring all the hard times, the lack of clothes, the lack of money, the lack of food perhaps, the bad health they suffered from.

juli06.jpgThis is the kitchen.

juli05.jpgThis is room no. 1. The picture above the headboard of the bed has some sort of christian saying on it.

juli04.jpgalso room no. 1

juli03.jpgRoom no. 2juli02.jpgRoom no. 3juli01.jpg

Hair length

colourbox_preview_580378.jpgThe picture in my avatar is lying, my hair isn’t this long, but it will eventually be… and finally it has started to grow… or I can feel it hanging in my neck. 🙂 I now have the most difficult growing period behind me – when it is not short and not yet long – and it feels good. I’m also past the point where I used to get tired of growing my hair and used to get to the hairdresser to cut it short. But now I’m more determined to grow it long, and I’m visualising how it will be having a long hair. I sort of think about myself as a person with long hair… all to help me get through the most difficult growing phase!

Gender neutral God?

I don’t understand why some people wants God to be gender neutral. 😕 What’s the problem with God being talked to and about as “him” or “father”? Is it because some have problems with the “father” term, based upon negative experiences with father figures? Or it is because God being regarded as a “he” puts women in a less important position? 😕

I have bad experiences with my father, but I always thought it was nice to have God as my father, because of the poor job my biological father did. I had a very good grandfather, and when thinking of God as my father, I think of Him being more like my grandfather was than my father. And, I’m a woman, but I think feminism has gone too far when talking about God as a woman needs to be done in order to get women a higher status in the society. I see this as a waste of time, really. The christians should care more about how to get people living by christian standards!

The society’s standards are individual fortune and happiness, resulting in cold societies not really caring for those who “fail” to succeed in their lives. And also for the environment.

My favourite brand of handbags – Longchamp – a complete list

These are the Longchamp bags I have.

veaufoulonnehandbag.jpgIt all started with a navy blue older version of this handbag, from the Veau Foulonne line. (The Longchamp website did not have a picture of my model). Bought in the mid 1990’s in Paris. My model has a shoulder strap also. It is a timeless bag, a true classic. And the leather is so smooth and of high quality. 🙂

The following handbags are all from the Veau Foulonne line, all in leather. 

veaufoulonnehoboleather.jpgI have a small version of this hobo bag, in black. Instead of button closure, it is two small hooks on my handbag. That one was purchased in Australia.veaufoulonnebackpack.jpg

 I also have a black back pack almost like this one. The top on my back pack is drawstring with a flap over. Bought in Brussels.

veaufoulonnehobo.jpgFrom the same line I have this small hobo bag in brown leather. The shoulder strap is adjustable (two lengths). This handbag was bought in Helsinki.plenetesbackpack.jpg

From the Planetes line I have a brown back pack almost like this one. My model has a different flap. Bought in Gent, Belgium.

Then I have several items from the Pliages line:lepliagetote.jpg

A tote in black nylon canvas with brown leather details.lepliagesmallhandbag.jpg

A blue small handbag in the same nylon canvas with brown leather details.

lepliagehobo2.jpgA shoulder/tote bag in a colour called taupe (sort of brownish green). Bought in Helsinki.lepliagebriefcase.jpg

 A briefcase in the same taupe colour, also bought in Helsinki.

lepliagehobo.jpgA chocolate brown messenger bag. Bought in Oslo.

My favourite brand of handbags – Longchamp


This is a handbag from the spring line, Flower… 😀 Yes, I’d very much appreciated if I had one of these… There’s a matching scarf also. See www.longchamp.com for the complete line and all the other goodies! Maybe I should make a post on all my Longchamp handbags? It’s been my favourite since my first purchase in the mid 1990’s. At Galleries Lafayette in Paris.