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For some time I’ve been thinking about how God’s mother, the Holy Virgin Mary, could inspire me to lead a better life. I didn’t find the right application in my life for her. Not until I read Kim’s blog (which I often read) and in particular this post about “May it be done to me according to your will, and not mine“. Now I know how the Holy Virgin Mary’s example can inspire me. She dared to follow God’s will for her, knowing, or at least she must have had some thoughts about what she could expect of social consequences… And she probably didn’t know about all the things she’d experience as Jesus’ mother! But she trusted the Lord and relied on Him. That should be my goal also!

But, I find it somewhat difficult to know what is from the Lord, and what is not. Like, does the Lord test us by giving us hard times? Or is the hard times the result of people’s free will, and some people choose not to follow the Lord’s guidance in conducting their lives? And to what detail does the Lord actually guide us?


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  1. Deo gratias! I’m glad you were able to get some inspiration! Mary is such an inspiration for me in so many ways – trusting God being the most important (of course). I still have issues, but I’m getting better – no doubt through her intercession!

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