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Can I wear a cross?

Am I a good enough christian to wear a cross? And is that a valid question? i mean, must I be like a “perfect” christian in order to wear a cross and thus showing everyone my faith? What if I wear a cross and still makes mistakes, what does that tell others about my faith and christianity? I do hesitate to wear a cross, because I’m afraid I’m not a good ambassador for Christ.

I make mistakes every day, either by the things I do or the things I don’t do. Can I still show people I believe?

I think that others, living more according to God’s will and His rules and so on, are entitled to, or have the right to use a cross. Because they’re better ambassadors for Christ. And there’s so many people better than me. I get a bit sad and depressed about the whole thing, because I think of all the things I should’ve done and how I should’ve been, and realise that I’m far from that… how can God love me? Perhaps he loved me when I was an innocent child, but then I started to live, and started making mistakes, and started to sin, and He knows that I know the difference between good and bad in most cases. And I can’t understand how He can love me when I choose to do something, I know or should have known, bad… Perhaps He sort of likes me, but doesn’t He expect me to perform better? To do better than this?


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