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Modest clothing

These are from webshops offering modest apparel. Click on the pictures for a link to the shops. I haven’t bought anything from these shops, but I very much like the clothes they’re offering.

For more thoughts, Bible passages, and so on, about modest clothing, choose “modest clothing” in the category cloud.

wt6127b.jpgMy favourite outfit would be the blue A-line denim skirt with the blue and white shirt forwd73334-l.jpg work or just a t-shirt top for other times. The floral dress would be perfect for summer, and the denim jumper dress would be perfect both winter and summer. I know the knitted cardigan isn’t the latest in fashion, but I like it.

I’ve always liked modest clothing, and was very happy in the 1990’s with the jumper and t-shirt fashion. The fashion magazines I’ve read in an attempt to know all about how to look and what to wear, have all told me that I’m supposed to dress sexy. Showing my best sides and hiding the larger parts. Plunging necklines showing some cleavage. ws4080.jpgBut that’s not my style, so I’ve read these magazines, feeling more and more stupid and tragically unfashionable. But yesterday I threw all my fashion magazines in the paper recycling bin, and I’ve decided it’s time I decide what to wear. It’s no use trying to follow a fashion designed by gay men designers and shown by unnaturally thin top models. The fashion magazines likes to promote themselves as a woman’s best friend teaching what to wear and how to wear it in order to be a popular, attractive, and successfull person. The problem is that the wd031-l.jpgfashion magazines are used by the fashion industry as an advertising channel in a subtle way not known to the reader. Both the fashion industry and the magazines earn money on women’s needs to be liked and approved by others. By telling “this is what you need for looking hot this summer/spring/fall/winter”, the woman thinks it’s best I follow these guides, to avoid me looking stupid. The fashion magazine editor always gets invited to the fashion shows and to the right parties, illuding that she’s an important person worth listening to. But keep in mind that the editor is only a normal person being used as a marketing channel for the fashion industry!




7 Responses

  1. Found your blog through lots of other blogs. Like it very much!

    I am a Catholic, just confirmed this past Easter. Turning away from immodest dress, trying to start head covering, especially at Church..

    But want to caution you about the forum link that you posted here. Those people are very Anti-Catholic. Trust me.

    God bless!


    • Ok I am not catholic, however the point is, its about dressing modestly. Just because some one is not catholic doesn’t mean they do’nt like people that are. Don’t get court up in the stero type that all muslims dislike everyone that do’nt carry the same beliefs. I have friends that are catholic, Jewish, Baptish and those who believe in nothing. We get along well, because we respect each other. And the is what is important!

  2. Mmm, modest clothing. I’m finding myself gravitating towards more feminine clothing than my standard “sweatshirt/t-shirt and pants” that I wore in college. Granted, I’m finding myself changing a lot since graduation … that’s a post in itself though. 🙂

  3. why on earth or heaven would you promote a islamist web site. Clothing or not , shame on you.

  4. I really love Shade CLothing for modest clothing! I always find something to either layer and make current things modest or to wear alone!

    Feel free to use PS CODE PS155 to get 10% off your first order and 5% off each additional order! Coupon never expires! Works on new and clearance items.


  5. If there’s one thing the Muslim’s got right it’s their sense of modesty. Shame on us.

  6. You have shared a beautiful collection of modest clothing. All are different and unique. I like all of them, thanks for sharing.

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