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Just a thought

Has humans felt the need to oppose God’s will and order of things ever since the temptation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? Is that the reason why women have felt the need to dress and behave like men?

“No one and nothing* should have the power over me! I should be free to try everything and decide for my self how to live my life. Anyone not free to do this, has her human rights restrained, and must be freed!”

*Applying to God, my husband/father, moral, faith, etc. Failing to recognize the power the fashion industry have over people…

That’s why Muslims covering according to their tradition/faith are seen as oppressed, and in need of society’s helping hand to free them. And why women working part-time is a bad thing, because the no. one want for a woman should be to work full time. The maternity leave should be divided evenly between the parents, giving both mother and father 6 months at home with the baby. The housework is also to be divided evenly between the man and woman, not acknowledging that most women tend to see more things to be done at home than does the man… I wonder why?

I disapprove of this evenly division of everything between the sexes… I think we’re created differently for a reason, and that we do have different qualities that should be appreciated to the same extent.